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With JCK Las Vegas returning to the Sands Expo & The Venetian, we want to make sure you are able to familiarize yourself with the show floor before you arrive! To get started, here are easy to read overview maps of the Sands Expo and The Venetian Levels 1 and 2, showcasing which JCK Neighborhood is located where as well as key locations like registration, shuttle drop off and more.

JCK Las Vegas also features over 20 curated neighborhoods within the JCK show floor—spanning over 3 levels of the Sands Expo and The Venetian. Each neighborhood is intelligently designed to represent a product category to help attendees easily shop the show and ensure that you are meeting with buyers who are looking for the product you carry.

Click on the Neighborhoods below to learn more about what each offers to you and your business.

Level 1 - Sands Expo & The Venetian

Level 2 – Sands Expo & The Venetian

Level 2 — The Venetian

Level 3 – Sands Expo & The Venetian

During the show, choose your journey for navigating the show floor—from GPS booth-to-booth navigation in the JCK Mobile App to Printed Maps and 'Ask Bling' team members ready to guide you to your next destination.